ASUA Student Health Advocacy Commitee

The University of Arizona Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC) is an ASUA and Campus Health supported, policy and program-driven organization that serves to advocate preventative health issues on campus.



Student Health Advocacy Committees


Student Nutrition Coalition

Promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices at the UA campus through education and services.


Providing fitness education throughout residence halls and organizing IronCats, a weightlifting competition which benefits various charities.


Branching SHAC projects and initiatives to the Tucson Community by teaching lessons at public schools, collaborations with well-known organizations, and volunteering with our community partners.

Health and Wellness / Peer Education and Primary Prevention

Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles among the student population by increasing awareness of exercise, sun safety, cancer prevention, mental health and tobacco-free environments.

HealthCats Newsletter

Providing information and guidance for health and wellness topics through social media to promote campus health and well-being.


Connecting SHAC with the UA Campus through social media and planning the Annual 5k